Eric Tecce
Eric Tecce
#001 Honoring Nature (Earth Day Special)

#001 Honoring Nature (Earth Day Special)

Nature's Wisdom is Fractal

You are where you're meant to be. Allowing yourself to Be is receptive through the circumstances which has guided you through the elaborate unfolding of our waking reality. Now, due to it existing, we may discover it into experience, and we see this occur in nature all the time.

When we're capable of allowing ourselves to be at our best self, we are in tune to nature. When you are more in nature & are in tune to nature, you become more of yourself due to the fact that you are capable to hold the capacity of the full extent of who you are through the embodiment, the space you allow to Be. Nature always guides us to where we're meant to be as we are given the opportunity by experience.

Nature is fractally & paradoxically both the nature of our self and the nature of our waking reality. Today's recording just so happens to occur on Earth Day which correlate around with the renewed light & life found during springtime. I'd like to take a deep dive into what's possible through the concept of seeing nature as its own teacher.

Regardless of any message, when you understand an aspect of love, love is your attraction. Love is the generative force in which you're able to emit through yourself, to yourself, as yourself. Now, if we embody more of that into being, it plays an important role because it takes us to where we need to be. It also guides us towards where we're meant to, almost like an organic healing process.

A tree when met by an obstacle, can adapt and grow around the circumstances. Each phase of growth becomes through consideration of the ever present as better direct incoming energy to bloom. On top of that, our lineage, the connection which we have arrived at this point, interlinks all that has unraveled. We are able to pull from this mass collective understanding of building blocks to truly arrive where we're meant to without effort.

Any experience arrives when you're ready. Universe is all about growth breathing in and out life force energy. So embody this experience and allow ourselves to rediscover who we truly are by utilizing the very simplicity of nature, the existence of itself. This sophisticated rhythm guides us to where we are meant to Be by our Nature, as Nature, for Nature.

The degrees of the angles of the polarities with fields, including the intersecting planets, offer us the ability to work with varying degrees of experiences. As an interactive flow can be observed through Nature everywhere. So Nature truly offers us a greater understanding than any other system.

These expressions we bring into Being help teach us external insights based off the unique natures contributing to Creation And because of the interlinking connections, we are able to each piece everything together in the degree that we are drawn to it. As you are able to piece together your own puzzle of yourself as to better honor that nature, then you too contribute to the greater puzzle we provide into being.

By finding our song & dance we came to be, we become in flow to the rhythmic wave. Even a wave comes to be when collective forces present itself through motion in the vast currents within Creation. We are the body within the body, and that's the fractal point of Nature. Always interconnected, an experience does not require knowing as it is what it Is.

So today I want to explore how nature unravels. Because for me, it's important to honor natural flow. And at the same time too, we have the ability to grow. The more we're able to integrate our actions, we become more refined for the experience through the timing of the synchronicities. Those moments come to be because it comes out from everything coming together. The lineage of ancestry, our whole root system, continuously creating potential to Be within our ever present.

As universe breathes in, we too take a breath. Be a part of that breath. And as that breath expands and gives us more to work off of, we too become more of ourselves, more to Be, more to breath. The breath of life is fractal to create the essence of life itself. Remember, we don't have to try to breathe, we just do. It is a part of our Nature to function so. And that exchange of everything interconnected, shows us that we are always going to be a part of something greater through our unique essence of Life.

When you're in nature, it's important to honor nature. There is a space to be had, as long as you are part of that space, you embody more wisdom than can be simply expressed. May we continue to understand and utilize nature as a method to help us become more in tune to who we truly are.

So with that, thank you for Being, Stay True, and allow this recording to provide you what is meant to be as the you are in this experience. Enjoy! ❂