Eric Tecce
Eric Tecce
#002 Art of Symbolism (From A to Z & Jesus Christ) feat. Tory Kroeger

#002 Art of Symbolism (From A to Z & Jesus Christ) feat. Tory Kroeger

Showing the form and functions of language available to understand how we're fractally connected.

Aloha & greetings! In my second episode, I am accompanied by nature artist Tory Kroeger, who I've worked with through the Deep Forest and her own earthcraft artistry known as Taurian Spirits. Today's topic honors two of my specialties, Natural Philosophy and my Art of Symbolism.

Just like honoring a seed to bring it to fruition through Nature, we can become more of who we are by embracing our essence via support by Universe. One aspect of practice is by Natural Philosophy, thus relating lessons back to the core of how we can perceive the base function of reality, or how it functions through nature itself. The second practice would be through my Art of Symbolism, a technique I established to translate the core functions of symbols to decode waking reality.

This episode, recorded May 1st, 2024, I go through everything from A to Z to show you the form and functions of not just the letters being spoken, but the vibrations we tap into through the language available. This interaction help us to understand how we're fractally connected. Our exploration includes everything from Jesus Christ, how we embody the being of the sun as well what free will essentially is, which is *spoilers* fractal existence existing.

Now, if we honor the true self, we honor the ability for Creation to create. If it's fractal, it will continue on. And if we set waves and have the capacity to become more of ourselves, by extension of being, our fractal breath comes to Be unlike anything ever before. At this time, more than ever, we can bring these lessons via an open source model to honor and express a natural flow to a brighter future.

As always, Nature finds a way. Nature is able to recognize the patterns, flow, spirals, expansions, and the harmonies to create a song that we're all encompassing together. So we each have our own song, unfolding out from the moment we came to be, as well as the song that is continuing through the harmonies that we are embodied together by.

You can look at it like reigniting a cycle to a golden age, breathing in, allowing ourselves to Be as we are allowing more breath to exist inside fractal existence. Cycles themselves are interconnected set of "I"s bringing light into an experience of available Nature.

Through each of us, our light can be shared by those that we're connected to. We express and emit our light through our selves just by being and holding presence, which in turn can arise within others as to increase their capacity to emit.

Thank you for tuning in and hope you dive into this to understand that you're at the right place at the right time, and to be is an honoring of the sacred nature in which you are. Thank you and enjoy.